Research Meetings and WorkshopsNIJ learns from the people who work day-to-day with the issues. We sponsor meetings, workshops, and working groups that bring together researchers, policymakers, technologists, and practitioners. These meetings generate a rich exchange of ideas. They guide future research and help ensure that NIJ's research, development and evaluation activities meet real-world needs. Review the summaries or transcripts available for many of these meetings: Corrections Meetings Courts Meetings Crimes and Prevention Meetings Drugs and Crime Meetings Forensic Sciences Meetings Justice System Meetings Law Enforcement Meetings Tribal Crime and Justice Meetings Violence and Victimization MeetingsCorrections Fostering Innovation in Community and Institutional Corrections Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for the U.S. Corrections Sector, 2015Topical Working Group on the Use of Administrative Segregation in the U.S., October 2015. Meeting notes (pdf, 39 pages), Agenda and Participants List (pdf, 9 pages), Presentations (pdf, 99 pages), white paper Administrative Segregation in U.S. Prisons (pdf, 42 pages), executive summary of the white paper (pdf, 8 pages). Expert Working Group on Trafficking in Person Research Meeting, April 2014 (pdf, 34 pages) Fostering Innovation in Community Corrections: Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for the U.S. Corrections Sector, 2015 (pdf, 161 pages)  Panel on Medication-Assisted Treatment for Heroin and Other Opioid Abusing Offenders - Summary and Presentations, October 3, 2007 (pdf, 56 pages)Courts Fostering Innovation in the U.S. Court System: Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for Improving Court Operations and Outcome, 2016 Exonerees and Original Victims of Wrongful Conviction: Listening Sessions to Inform Programs and Research, February 2016 (pdf, 28 pages) White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable: Civil Legal Aid Research Workshop Report, February 2016 (pdf, 62 pages) NIJ Topical Working Group Meeting on Right to Counsel and Indigent Defense: Notes and Presentations, March 2015 (pdf, 101 pages) Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program Roundtable Summary, June 2011 (pdf, 42 pages) Expert Working Group Report: International Perspectives on Indigent Defense, January 2011 (pdf, 58 pages) International Perspectives on Wrongful Convictions: Workshop Report, September 2010 (pdf, 77 pages) Workshop on Sentencing and Other Federal Case Data Analysis, July  2009 Postconviction DNA Case Management Symposium, January 2009 Pretrial Research Meeting, May 22-23, 2007 Proceedings From the Policing Research Institute Meetings, November 1995 and May 12 and December 4, 1996Crimes and Prevention NIJ Evaluation of the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program, April 2017 The Criminal Justice System Response to Intimate Partner Violence Victims: Developing a Research Agenda, March 2016 (pdf, 38 page) Radicalization and Violent Extremism - Lessons Learned From Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. Meeting Summary, July 28-30, 2015 Expert Working Group on Trafficking in Person Research Meeting, April 2014 (pdf, 34 pages) Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination Research Forum, March 2012, (pdf, 24 pages) Firearms Topical Research Working Group - Summary and Presentations, December 2011 (pdf, 173 pages)      Neighborhoods & Crime Research Working Group Meeting, April 2011 (pdf, 12 pages)
  • Gangs Research Working Group Meeting, February 2011 (pdf, 14 pages)
  • Connecting International Organized Crime Research to Policy and Practice: The Strategic Context in the U.S. and the U.K., November 2010 (pdf, 10 pages)
  • Crime Prevention Research Working Group Meeting: Research Issues, Questions and Gaps, October 2010 - Summary and Presentations (pdf, 154 pages)
  • International Working Group on International Organized Crime, January 2010 (pdf, 36 pages)
  • Mortgage Fraud, Foreclosures and Neighborhood Decline Meeting Summary and Presentations, March  2000 (pdf, 555 pages)
  • International Law Enforcement Forum for Minimal Force Options, May 2008
  • Global Response to Terrorism, January  2006Proceedings published in the Journal of National Defense Studies, no. 6, November 2007 (pdf, 176 pages), National Defense College, Israeli Defense Force.      
  • Trafficking in Persons Summary of Focus Group, April 2001 (pdf, 7 pages)     
  • Drugs and Crime


    Operational Requirements

    NIJ's Forensic Science Technology Working Group meets annually to develop a list of operational requirements.

    Learn more about this group and review the operational requirements.

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