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NIJ-supported research has shown that a model combining community structural characteristics, crime counts from the previous year, and an estimate of near repeat activity generates the best results overall when predicting the potential risk of the type and place of a crime.

This research led to the development of a free software tool police departments can use to make geographic forecasts of crime risk.

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In 2015, public safety stakeholders and aviation experts convened with the goal to produce a blueprint for how law enforcement agencies can use unmanned aircraft systems most effectively, fairly, and transparently.

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Sexual Assault Policy

Presentation: Legislative Reform on Sexual Assault

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Learn about new legislative and policy reforms undertaken or underway at the state and local level and their potential application to other jurisdictions in the area of sexual assault response.

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Learn About Funding

Funding Webinar Series

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Check out upcoming and archived webinars about current NIJ funding opportunities, including Safety, Health, and Wellness in the Criminal Justice System, and Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime.

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