In an article from the Justice Research and Statistics Association Forum, NIJ grantees Amy Farrell and Jack McDevitt explore the challenges that state and local law enforcement face in identifying, investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases.

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Articles in this issue: The latest research on wrongful convictions from the crime victims’ perspectives, how small law enforcement agencies prepare for homeland security threats, and the science behind firearm examinations. Read the NIJ Journal on your e-reader or your mobile device, or download and print it out.

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Countering Violent Extremism

Researchers discuss which factors may cause someone to go from illegal behavior to violent terrorist behavior and how community policing can counter violent extremism.

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Latent Print Examiner Accuracy

Closeup image of digital fingerprints

Latent fingerprint examiners have extremely low error rates according to a new study. After review by an independent expert, examiners had a 0 percent false positive (or incorrect identification) rate and a 3 percent false negative (or missed identification) rate.

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