Law enforcement are not limited to one mission. They respond to crime, protect constitutional rights, aid those who are vulnerable and maintain security in the community. In this New Perspectives in Policing paper, Malcolm K. Sparrow explores how to measure police success given these multiple missions.

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How can we reduce the likelihood of violence in schools and identify and prevent potential threats? This is the core question that NIJ’s Comprehensive School Safety Initiative seeks to answer through scientific research.

Read about some of the roles police will play in this ongoing research in this issue of The Police Chief.

What Makes Schools Safe?

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Making schools safer starts with knowing what works. Apply for funding under the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI) to help communities create safer schools and build knowledge about the most effective methods for doing so.

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Indigent Defense

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Research can improve our understanding of barriers to legal representation, evaluate current practice and develop recommendations. Recently the Indigent Defense Working Group identified future research priorities, including quality of defense, indigence standards, and lack of counsel.

Read the meeting summary and view the presentation slides (pdf, 101 pages).