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Freshmen & sophomores have a higher risk of sexual assault on campus, especially at the start of the semester. #BacktoSchool


"What we need is a way to learn from these sentinel events so that the underlying frailties in the system are addressed, and the likelihood of similar bad outcomes in the future is lessened." Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason shows her support for Mending Justice: Sentinel Event Reviews.

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NIJ has partnered with the FBI to research the complexities of sexual assault kits that have not been submitted to a lab for testing. NIJ will gather and analyze data about the kits, and the FBI will test the kits and enter DNA profiles into the national database.

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Since 2009, NIJ has invested more than $100 million in forensic science research. This has led to technological breakthroughs, validated procedures, and innovative new methods.

Learning From Criminal Justice Errors

Errors in criminal justice inflict harm, such as in wrongful convictions, but they can also signal flaws in the system as a whole. In our latest special report, researchers and practitioners take a deeper look at a nonblaming, all-stakeholder review model that can prevent future errors.