Dr. Cathy Widom followed abused children and matched controls into middle age to examine the impact of childhood abuse. Results show that while physically abused and neglected boys had an increased risk of being arrested for a sex crime as an adult, compared to controls, sexually abused children did not.

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A NIJ-funded study provides the first evidence of the benefits of teen dating violence education and brief counseling in school health centers. Three months after receiving the intervention, youth already experiencing relationship abuse were 17 percent less likely to be still experiencing abuse.

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“Real World” of Dating Violence

The Real World of Dating Violence in Adoclescence and Young Adulthood. National Institute of Justice. September 29, 2014.

A 13-year longitudinal study is not only helping identify risk factors that contribute to dating violence, it is also identifying opportunities to end this pattern of behavior. Dr. Peggy Giordano presents preliminary findings from a study that is examining young people’s dating relationships.

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Criminal Court Research


NIJ’s criminal court research priorities for FY2015 include veterans’ treatment courts, alternatives to incarceration, and indigent defense and defense counsel operations.

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