The Center for Court Innovation discusses its NIJ-sponsored evaluations of the Defending Childhood Initiative demonstration sites in a series of podcasts.

The increased use of forensic evidence to solve crimes has brought about a need to understand how we can maximize forensic technology advancements. By integrating social and forensic sciences, we can determine how these technologies can be used more effectively.

Read the story behind one of NIJ’s newest research portfolios.

Choosing Technology For Your Agency

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NIJ's Michael O'Shea explains the Technology Decision Tool, which helps law enforcement and corrections agencies determine the costs and benefits of purchasing new equipment and services.

Learn more and download the tool on the JustNet website.

Watch Live: Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium

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You can now register to watch portions of the Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium online. Join us August 25-26 to learn about the latest developments and challenges to analyzing impression, pattern and trace evidence.

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